Nathan Basanese

Nathan Basanese


CA 95050 SANTA CLARA California US

Nathan hails from San Jose. While his work focuses on applied information science, mostly optimizing API integration or software development pipelines of both the length-limited and adaptive variants, his non-work interests range widely, everything from cryptopolitics to swing dancing. He could tell you about it, but THAT would NOT be a “length-limited” conversation!

Work Experience


Contractor at Western Digital

2015-01-12 - 2015-02-06
  • Designed, developed, documented and tested Python 3 tool to automatically download, update via repository subscription, and manage local virtualized development environments using Vagrant, Virtualbox, Nexus, Git, and Sphinx.
  • Source-control configuration management for Nexus server via SaltStack and Pillar for staging, test, build, and local deployment environments.
  • Created Vagrant system with Saltstack provisioning for one of our test environments.


Contractor at Tesla Motors

2014-12-01 - 2015-01-09

I'm still relatively junior, and I jumped at the opportunity to work in established environments like Tesla and WD. Although the time I spent there was short, I was able to accomplish a lot.

  • Implemented portable, virtualized development environment using Vagrant with automatic Puppet provisioning.
  • Set up version control for two codebases using the Git version control system.
  • Debugged Python build-scripts.
  • Set up asynchronous pre-receive validation Git hooks, asynchronous post-receive validation git hooks, and fabric scripts for our production codebase.
  • Automated branching strategy with shell script, later with LibGit2 bindings.
  • Set up merge-revert procedure that would allow a transparent un-merge and re-opening of a pull-request without removing or hiding results of a Git differential, and without needing intervention from the client software like Stash or Github.
  • Specified and scripted Copy-on-Write artifact replication, and server requirements for same.



2014-09-30 - 2014-11-20

Bitwage allows people to receive a percentage of their paycheck via the Bitcoin network.

  • Set up shell-provisioned vagrant build system.
  • Set up, on a short schedule, a really frustrating AML/KYC API for automatic customer approval on signup.
  • Refactored security and dependency management incrementally.


Contract Developer

20140404 - 20140801

37coins is a platform for secure SMS messaging for Bitcoin transactions.

  • Assisted with continuous integration system, packaged Android app release, and supported templating scheme for localization.
  • Furthered ease of multisignature implementation by helping to draft and present article on the Married Wallets "meta-standard".
  • Onboarded other programmers, and reviewed code.


Build Engineer


  • Source Control
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Linux

Backend Developer


  • Python 3
  • Erlang
  • API



Native speaker






Beanie Babies


Nathan is thoughtful, scientific in his approach to solving problems. When talking with him at length it is apparent that he has a well rooted understanding of a broad range of topics from computer programming, cryptography, psychology, economics and governance to name a few. At the Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup we've come to find Nathan's questions of the presenters to be insightful, imaginative and interesting. He holds a genuine interest in helping humanity. It's always fun brainstorming with Nathan. I think Nathan would be the sort of person who would be good at leading an integration of DevOps techniques given his demonstrated experience with automating system builds with vagrant and his interest in Docker for automating speedy deployments of Internet infrastructure.
— Joe Baker
In the role of Network Manager, Nathan helped refine West General Acoustics' web presence, which resulted in increased sales and a broader market reach. We greatly benefitted from Nathan's expertise in handling all of our technical/network related tasks. His extensive knowledge base and experience is clearly an asset to any team.
— Sharon Sullivan
Nathan had given me thorough tutoring in calculus and helped me pass my final!
— Jay Elliot
I've been meeting Nathan at Bitcoin meetups in Sunnyvale. I was impressed by how fast Nathan pickups up new technologies to get stuff done - both for his work projects and for personal use. Nathan is also a good teacher when it comes to explaining technology to the less savvy.
— Avram Kantorovich